Experience an 80s night, encouraging team building through dance, music and some totally wicked fashion. What better way to build your team unity, than through immersing yourself in an 80s dance party? Through our 80s parties and events, you can promote team building by breaking barriers, facilitating  communication and encouraging creativity. By the end of the night, your team will look like they belong in Breakin’ or Footloose, depending on the skill level and dedication.

Corporate and Team Building Events

The program of the night is specifically tailored to every company we work with. Whether you want dancing to be the main point of the night, or whether you prefer to skip dancing and go for dinner instead is entirely up to you. Reflex Dance Studios is here to provide you with team building ideas, and organise the night exactly the way you want it.

80s team building events

Fun Team Building Activities

Reflex Dance takes a regular night out at the local pub and transforms it into an all-out, 80’s spectacular kick-ass night. Dancing encourages bonding with people and integrating in an environment that is different from the usual pub. We all love pubs, of course, but a dance class in an 80s themed club is ideal to create a sense of belonging and teamwork. Imagine you and your colleagues looking hilarious while trying to emulate Michael Jackson – doesn’t that sound awesome?

Our 80s Team Building Packages include:

  • Glass of bubbly
  • Makeover80s accessories
  • Funky 80s Dance Class – a dance routine to the 80s tune of your choice (alternatively, if you don’t want to dance we offer 80s Karaoke)
  • Photo-shoot (including pictures)
  • Dinner
  • 80s Party

Prices start from £29 pp. Get in touch with us to create a tailored package for your team.

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Strictly Dancing Managers

Alternatively, if you want a full 6-week team  building experience have a look at our Strictly Dancing Managers package:

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We’ve worked with some of the biggest companies across all industries, here are some examples:

Reflex Dance Studios clients

We did enjoy the party an awful lot. Thank you ever so much.
Laura, HSBC

Everyone had a great time, so thank you so much!!
Elaine, American Express

Thank you so much for a lovely time. The team absolutely adored it and I have been getting non stop thanks from them.
Rebeca, Facebook

Have a look at one of our team building events below, and let us know what you think! 
(You can order a video footage like this for your group for an additional £200)