Do you want to take your team on an unforgettable journey where you bond, learn how to work together and have fun in the same time? Consider our Strictly Dancing Managers team building package.

Strictly come dancing choreographers at Reflex

Dancing with the Stars choreographers

At Reflex Dance Studios we have a whole team of Strictly experienced TV celebrities from the Panamanian version of the show ‘Dancing With The Stars’:

  • Giulia Settominichoreography director, responsible for all dance routines of the 10 celebrity couples, and all dance groups throughout the show.
  • Nuno Sabroso main judge and choreographer of the 4th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Panama.
  • Kasia Borowskaprofessional dancer, partnered with reggaeton singer RD Maravilla in 4th season of the show, was the only dancer coming from Europe.

Having the core production team from Strictly enables us to replicate the same show for you and your company, without you having to hire the whole TV production.

Strictly Dancing Managers package involves:

Part 1: Preparation

strictly come dancing dancer

Dancing with the Stars professional dancers

      • Selection of managers to take part
      • Introduction to professional dancers
      • Lottery to pick the dance to be performed

Part 2: 6-week Dance Course

      • 1st class – group class – introduction to Latin and ballroom, basic steps
      • 2nd class – private tutoring –  technique of your specific dance
      • 3rd class – private tutoring – preparation of the choreography
      • 4th class – group class – psychology of dance, importance of working together
      • 5th class – private tutoring – polishing the routine
      • 6th class – group class – general dress rehearsal

Part 3: Big Event – Strictly Dancing Managers Competition

      • After 6 week preparation the excitement amongst your team should peak. Everyone will be nervous and will want to do their best.

        strictly come dancing judge

        Dancing with the Stars judge

      • The excitement and healthy competition between your colleagues will once again bring them closer together. We’ve seen celebrities that never danced before, giving their all and showing their full engagement with the show.
      • Each couple will get a chance to perform the routine they’ve learned, and you will also be able to enjoy performances by professional dancers from our team.
      • The whole event, taking place at our of our centrally located London venues will be professionally filmed, and video will be edited and made into your own Strictly Come Dancing show which you can keep as a souvenir afterwards.

If you’re not looking for a 6-week commitment we can also organise a shortened version of the package, doing 1h preparation in groups and a ‘kamikaze’ competition in which the judges from Dancing with the Stars choose the best group.

If your would like to find out more or discuss how this event could look for your company then please get in touch with us now.


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If you are interested in the idea of linking dance and team building activities, but are looking for something less time consuming, check other options we offer for businesses.


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