Imagine: Unification Flash Mob

London, 8th April 2017 – 2pm SECRET LOCATION

unification flash mob in london

This is a moment in history in which we need to be reminded of the importance of acceptance and freedom of movement. After Brexit and Trump election a general atmosphere of fear, racism and anger has been spreading and we want to bring together those who believe that open societies, being nice to other people, not being racist, not fighting wars, is a better way to live!

The theme for the flash mob will be hippie. All the attendees are asked to bring a flag of their different countries and a simple dance routine will portray an evolution from separation between the different groups to unification between the countries. We encourage the attendees to dress up in a hippie style or in their country’s typical costumes, but all kinds of expressive styles are welcome!

“Imagine” will take place on 8th April at 2pm in a secret location! To be updated with the moves, directions and details send an email to with the subject: IMAGINE!

Our Funky Flash Mob: Lose Yourself to Dance

Thanks to everyone that got involved in our Funky Flash Mob. We were dancing a choreography to the new Daft Punk song Lose Yourself to Dance. It went really great, and the 80s dance moves looked awesome.

The flash mob was listed by timeout as one of the top 10 things to do in London that week, and by evening standard as one of the best things to do that weekend. As a result we had over 400 people that wanted to get involved. Have a look yourself!


80s Moustache Dance

80s moustache dance flash mob

Thanks to everyone that got involved in our 80s Moustache Dance Flashmob last Saturday. We were dancing a routine to the retro Super Mario Bros tune, prepared by Dancing with the Stars choreographer Giulia Settomini. Have a look yourself:


Learn to Moonwalk at Reflex

Learn moonwalking at Reflex Dance Studios – join us at one of our 80s dance events. Why would you choose not to transform into one of the biggest icons to ever walk glide on the surface of Earth? This is the perfect party trick and a must have in your dance arsenal, as well as your everyday life, really. Your friends are trying to show off on the dance floor? moonwalk. You have just finished a heated discussion? moonwalk. You want to stand out on one of the reflex dance studios flashmobs? MOONWALK.