If you’re looking for a way to make your corporate event more fun, you’re in the right place. Corporate dance classes is the way to go. Dancing is recognised to be one of the most effective way to grow confidence and connections within your team. It encourages bonding with people and allows everyone to integrate with his or her colleagues whilst learning 80s dance moves together.

So what actually is 80s’ dance you might ask. Well instead of trying to put it into words, here are some examples:

The 80s are a milestone in the dancing scene thanks to the revolutionary idea of individualism and self expression that allowed everyone to finally be themselves. Some of the best dance choreographies come from the 80s, just think of Michael Jackson and Madonna revolutionising the world of pop music. People are free to break the rules, just wear your craziest outfits and get into it! Your moves can be intense and funny, sexy or ridiculous, as long as you’re feeling it, it is totally fine for our 80s dance environment.  The element of fun is at the core of our company – we are here for you to spend a delightful time together with your team.

All of our dance routines are prepared by ‘Dancing with the Stars’ choreographer Giulia Settomini. Have a look at one of our team building events below, to get a feel of what we do:

If you want to book one lesson or a package of corporate dance classes for you team get in touch with us now. Discounts are applicable for bookings of 5 or more lessons. We provide a number of services, from a dance teacher coming to your office to a whole event in one of our 80s venues!

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