Dancing encourages bonding with people and integrating in an environment that is different
from simple drinks in a pub.80s christmas party at Reflex Dance Studios

If you are looking for a unique idea for a company night out, you are in the right place. Reflex Dance Studios organises one of a kind 80s Christmas parties.

On the Standard Reflex Christmas Party you can expect:

  • Glass of bubbly
  • Funky 80s Dance Class – a dance routine to the 80s tune of your choice (alternatively, if you don’t want to dance we offer 80s Karaoke. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can go for both!)
  • 80s Party

The programme of the night is specifically tailored to every company we work with. Whether you want dancing to be the main point of the night, or whether you prefer to skip dancing and do some other funky activities instead is entirely up to you. Reflex Dance Studios is here to provide you with ideas, and organise the night exactly like you want it.

Other, most popular choices for an 80s Christmas Party:

  • Dinner – We’ve got some great deals for our customers at and  
  • 80s themed photo-shoot. Get those Santa Hats immortalised in picture form.
  • Accommodation  We can plan your stay in one of the hotels nearby for your team.
  • 80s Makeover – neon eye shadows and exaggerated make-up, or flashy headbands and leg warmers?
  • A professional video from your team building event.
  • Want something specific just for your group? Leave a note on your enquiry and we’ll try to organise it for you!

You don’t pay for ideas, so email us now with a short description of your company and a party you have in mind. We will then email you back with the proposal for the night that will best suit your needs.

80s dance classes