A couple of days ago I heard from my friend from India. She’s taking some time to travel and has mentioned how good it feels to take life day by day, and how amazing life is in the coastal area of Goa, a state of Western India.

I was then looking for inspiration for our next flash mob (info coming SOON!), which will be based on hippie values such as freedom, love and tolerance, and came across some of these incredible pictures of the hippie decades (70s and 80s) in wonderful Goa.

Late 1977 Full Moon morning on South Anjuna Beach.

As if I wasn’t jealous enough after hearing from her! But what really hit me is how the values of the hippie movement reached the World in a very large scale. These people back in the days already had a clear concept of how violence and hate can’t be stopped with more violence; well I wonder if we can now remind people of the beauty of what is diverse!

Acid Eric, Badem, Goa, 1988.

The world is a big place, there is a lot to be discovered, and if we try to reinforce our borders instead of slowly working towards eliminating them, something has gone wrong.

We now have taken massive steps towards unification. Travelling has become easy and accessible, yet governments seem to be against free movement. Wasn’t it obvious that more movement between countries would expose us to different cultures? Does diversity scare us? Can’t we look at what is there to gain in this process of unification, instead of only focusing on what is there to lose?

I, as many of my friends, am an explorer. I have lived in Panama, London, Italy, Miami and the thought of staying in one place is rather scary to me. I would like to be able to travel wherever, and contribute to the wealth of whichever country I am in. It seems like a rather utopic idea, but why?

I wish I could go back to the 80s and see the real hippie vibe in places such as Goa. Maybe I would learn something to bring back to the present.