I was thinking recently about how much of a double-edged sword online dating is. On one hand it’s so convenient and and it allows us to be connected with a lot more people. On the other, it’s much harder now to meet someone like we used to do: in a bookstore, in a shop or just out in town.

That’s the look we all know so well

This brought me to the next point: relationships altogether changed over the years. There seems to be much less tension in the beginning. Having a phone available for texting 24/7 takes away the butterflies you had in your stomach from waiting by your landline phone. I am glad, however, that we lost the constant worry about your dad answering the phone and embarrassing you, ruining your chances with your crush. Forever.

Daaaaaaad, get off the phone!

There is one thing, however, that is undoubtedly better now than it used to be. Remember the gender roles we were just expected to play out? Thanks to the influential feminists they have now been destroyed! This particular aspect comes into play later in a relationship. Women in the 80s were earning significantly less (if they had a job at all), we would be expected to take care of the house, children and our husband without much help, they were almost considered property of their man. Thankfully our generation allowed for women to be more equal in the society’s eyes. We were given a voice to tell the old, tired, misogynistic tradition: WE CAN DO IT!

Yes, we can, Rosie.

In turn, this gave men the chance to pursue more emotional, traditionally feminine roles in a relationship. Can you imagine a stay at home dad in the 80s? Or a girl paying for a meal on a date in the 80s? What would look bizarre back then is becoming the norm now and it’s beautiful.
Overall, one could say that the evolution of technology has ruined romance for the sake of convenience. However, the evolution of society fixed inequality in relationships. Isn’t it exciting to imagine what will dating and partnership be like in distant future? It is bound to evolve even further after all and I’m excited to learn what it will become.