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The beautiful effects of (occasionally) going wild

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard was ‘listen to your body’. Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, party when you’re stressed… What was that? You haven’t heard that last bit before? Well. Let me share some SCIENCE with you.

Disclaimer: not an actual photo of our office today.

Let’s talk about relaxing in general, first. This one should feel obvious after a while of consideration: relax is healthy. Necessary, even. It’s proven to reduce stress, improve your mood, let you sleep better and it even has a positive impact on your memory. Further, if it’s active zen time you’re participating in, that will positively affect your physical health. Additionally, if you chill socially, it will strengthen your relationships on top of everything else! Remember to make a habit out of rewarding yourself for hard work. Jog, take a bubble bath, play sports, read a book or dance with your friends (Definitely dance. HINT HINT).

Disclaimer: this IS an actual photo from our office

Now that that’s clear, let’s look at the implications of acting a fool in a shiny leotard and neon makeup. Have you ever felt pressured to ‘not make a fool of yourself’ at work, at school, in front of distant relatives at the table?

Whatever, I’ll check my phone if I want to, MOM!

There’s a lot of care and stress that goes into making sure we don’t do or say something silly in various situations of our daily lives. You need the time to let go and to be wild and carefree. Especially if you’re suffering a lot of wedding related panic (we know that feeling). Showcasing your silliness to your friends will greatly reduce stress. Also, once you get back in your formal wear, your mood will be much better. Sharing a wild experience with your pals not only deepens bonds. It gives you a confidence boost. After all, if you are appreciated when your filters are off, you are sure to be loved when you’re making a conscious effort about your actions. So grab your friends and get crazy! And if you happen to love the 80s, we’ll gladly organise the most entertaining therapy for you. Take care of yourself by enjoying yourself!

Look at their faces going 90 smiles per hour

Why we need more 80s spirit

The 80s is an iconic decade: it’s the time in which barriers between countries fell and people became the leaders of their own destiny. The Berlin wall was destroyed, travelling between countries was facilitated allowing different cultures to merge and bond, goods were exchanged from everywhere in the world.

This openness caused a stream of social revolutions, steps were taken towards a more egalitarian world, women gained respect and higher positions in the corporate world, with a first woman candidate running for US presidency in 1984 and Mae Carol Jemison being the first black woman trained for NASA. People of colour started being more integrated, with a general change of attitude towards Afro-American; gay and lesbian movements raised to establish acceptance and ultimately there was a buzzing sense of freedom to be who one wants to be, wherever one wants to be.

Multiculturalism grew through advertising, TV and radio, which bloomed and became accessible to the majority. A culture of glamour, excess, and ambition started flourishing giving a general feeling of hope and opportunity for everyone to reach their dreams.

So why is this relevant to the present-day world?

The contemporary scene is not very promising after 2016 brought to the world two moments of shock, with Brexit and with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America. After so much has been done towards unifying the World, facilitating movement between countries and accepting all kinds of people for who they are, respecting their cultures, believes and traditions, what is happening now, why are we moving backwards?

Maybe the wave of free movement that has built up from the 80s till now hasn’t been as easy as we expected; such change takes time to be implemented in society. There have been undeniable difficulties, for the governments to support immigration, for the economy to be stable and for the goods to be evenly distributed and we have to recognise that it’s necessary to create new policies and modernize the system; but isn’t it worth to experience a little discomfort if we could have a world that is unified and open to everyone, in which all people are welcome and free. That’s what the 80s were all about. Freedom, acceptance and self-expression. Maybe, if we all worked towards being authentic and showing our true self, without trying to fit in and without judgement, we could start making a difference.

Christmas Parties

After our last team building event our 80s Christmas parties were listed by Sheerluxe as one of the top ideas  for a Christmas event this year.  If you want your team to have an unforgettable time this winter and bond while performing some funky 80s dance routines then get in touch with us to get a quote for your company event.

Apart from champagne, 80s makeover and dance-class we also offer a photo-shoot and bespoke video from your party which you can then share across the team and reminiscent in the year to come.

Make this Christmas special, celebrate with us!





Michael Jackson 80s Dance Party – 7th April 2016

Come to Reflex Bar on the 7th April at 7pm and learn how to rock the dance floor in the Michael Jackson 80s style with Reflex Dance Studios!

You will be welcomed with a champagne cocktail to warm up your inner dancer, and move on to the dance floor to learn the most iconic Michael Jackson dance moves. BUT THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! You will then learn a proper routine to one of the Michael Jackson top hit and feel part of a proper dance production in one of the most iconic 80s venues in London! And yes, the club is reserved just for you during the dance class so there won’t be any sidelong glance from cocktails drinkers. After the class is over you can stay at Reflex Bar to mingle and show off your new dance moves until late.

Why going for a boring workout if you can keep your body fit while dancing and having fun? Come and check out our dance party and you will be energised, refreshed and excited by Reflex Dance Studios ultimate 80s dance experience!

WHERE: Reflex Bar – 17, Watling Street EC4M 9BB

WHEN: Thursday 7th April 2016 at 7pm

DRESS CODE: Ok, we won’t be picky here.. but we will offer an extra champagne top up to those that show up in a proper Michael Jackson gear.

PRICE: £15 pp (including a champagne cocktail on arrival and an hour dance class) – Booking required in advance at or 07772713601.

What are you waiting for, book now and invite your friends to come along!


book now


When the Going Gets Tough

Flashback 30 years ago to 26 February 1986. Billy Ocean’s hit “When the Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going)” was  at the top of the charts in the UK.

In the 80s movie adventure Jewel of the Nile, Joan turns to Jack and says,

“When the going gets tough, the tough well, I don’t know what the tough do.”

Billy Ocean, inspired by the phrase above, co-wrote with Mutt Lange “ When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”. The track was featured on the Jewel of the Nile soundtrack, back in the days when producers commissioned original work for movies instead of recycling old hits.

Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean, born Leslie Charles in Trinidad, came to the UK as a young boy and blessed us with his music with hits in the 1970s and 80s.

He showed a lot of love with his music in the 80s and the US and UK loved him back with Ocean’s 1980s hits including: Caribbean Queen (for which Billy won a Grammy for best R&B Vocal), followed by Loverboy, and Suddenly, When the Tough Get Going, There’ll Be Sad Songs to Make You Cry, and Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Car.

To date, he’s sold over 30 million records and is still performing his classics and new works. Dates for 2016 UK Shows can be booked here. What a legend!

Music Video Banned in UK

The music video featured Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito and Michael Douglass, the stars of Jewel of the Nile, as backup singers. It was  banned in the UK because the stars were not members of the Musicians Union. The ban did little to deter success because, despite of that, it still reached number one. After all, Billy Ocean is tough.

When the Going Gets Tough, YOU are Tough!

Thirty years ago today this hit was hogging the airwaves of British radio. Fitting it would be at the top of the charts in February, because for some, February is tough! The month where you celebrate love under social obligation or are reminded that you may well end up alone and start to contemplate whether to adopt a few stray cats. If Valentine’s day isn’t enough of a heartache, people are starting to falter in their new year’s resolutions. The weather doesn’t help with grey skies and cold spells. Ugh, February! Where is spring?!


As Billy would say, “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going”. Whether an 80s child or a fan of the 80s, hold tight to this mantra and carry on. You’re tough!


Absolutely Ace 80s Electric Slide

It’s Electric! Step-by-Step guide to the Electric Slide

The Electric Slide is a 80s Dance compose by easy and fun steps. The perfect tune to play while you’re learning the steps is the song Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths released in 1982, it was written and originally recorded in 1976 with Bob Marley.

Why is it Popular?

In the 80s the Electric Slide is a smooth, dynamic Disco Style Dance that you can enjoy performing at clubs, weddings, and other social events. Learning it is Bombdiggity and takes almost no time at all.

Anyone can do it, with virtually no training at all. The dance steps are easily converted to most genres, add to the Cha Cha Slide , hip hop and country western. Add some boots and hook your thumbs through your belt loops and you have a line dance.  Ever heard of Candy by Cameo ? It’s one of the most popular songs to perform the electric slide. So popular that enthusiasts will ask, “Do you know the Candy?” To which you could say, ‘’the Electric Slide? Yes, let me show you how’s it done.”

How To Electric Slide – Step by Step

Start on the right side

  1. Take one step to your right with your right foot.
  2. Cross your left foot to the right, bringing it behind your right foot.
  3. Uncross your feet by taking another step to the right with your right foot.
  4. Bring your left foot to your right foot and close your feet together.


And repeat the same in the left side

  1. Step back with your right foot, then bring your left foot to meet it.
  2. Step backward onto your right foot, then your left foot in place.
  3. Step forward with your left foot, then your right foot to the back.
  4. Once again step back with your right foot, then your left foot to the front. As you do this, be sure that your weight is on your right foot.

Quarter turn left and repeat

  1. With your right foot, take a step forward. As you do this, turn your body a quarter-turn (or 90 degrees) to the left.
  2. Repeat the entire dance as long as the group keeps going or as long as the music is playing.

For an easy online tutorial click here.

The Electric Slide is well liked because it is a simple and  fun line dance enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s so popular it is still danced today by many.

Try to learn these Flange moves and mix them with your favourite 80s soundtrack.