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We are in the future!

Back to the Future is one of the most epic science/adventure film series of the 80s. The movies follow the adventures of a high school student, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), and an extravagant scientist, Dr. Emmett L. Brown (Christopher Lloyd), as they use a DeLorean machine to time travel to different historical moments.

The first film was released in 1985 and became an international phenomenon; the following ones have been produced shortly after, the second in 1989 and the third in 1990.

Back to the Future 2 shows how we already belong to the “future”, referring to the date of 21st October 2015 as a futuristic era.

back to the future

But what are the inventions that have actually been created and the ones that still don’t exist?

  • The Hover board

Movie: Marty McFly used a magnetic board to travel without touching the ground.

Real world: There are 2 competitors that are working to create these but they aren’t in commerce yet (we are not considering the ones with wheels like ‘proper’ hover boards).

  • Flying Cars

Movie: There were flying cars everywhere.

Real world: There is a prototype but it looks like we are still far from flying on our streets.

  • Self-tying shoes

Movie: Marty McFly had one pair.

Real world: Nike realised self-tying shoes in 2015.

  • Holograms

Movie: There was a massive holographic shark.

Real world: Holograms exist and are used for a number of promotional events and live performances.

  • Flat Screen Tvs

Movie: Marty’s son used one to watch many channels at ones.

Real world: Flat screens are commonplace today.

  • Tablets

Movie: The man who approached Marty had a tablet in his hand.

Real world: Over the last few years tablets became regular devices that are accessible for everyone.

  • Automated Menu and Waiters

Movie: Marty went into a completely automated café, in which people ordered from computer monitors.

Real world: There are places that have interactive menus and automated orders, and in most restaurants waiters use a tablet to take the orders.

  • Eyewear

Movie: McFly family wear high-tech glasses.

Real world: Google invented high-tech glasses with cameras, magnification and access to some sort of information.

Have a look at what Marty and the doctor would think of 2015 actual technology in this funny video:

It is amusing to see how many elements that are common today have been predicted over 30 years ago in a TV series. It looks like the only thing left to invent is the actual time machine – maybe in a couple of years we will have that too? We look forward to it so that we can actually go back to the 80s  🙂

Runners’ Style in the 80s

The number of people, across the UK, who are pulling on their trainers and heading out for a run, is constantly increasing.

Running is a really popular sport and it helps relaxing and enhancing a healthy lifestyle, as well as relieving stress, and other problems of modern life. Running is a healthy and wise choice!

The way people run hasn’t changed but in the 80s the typical ordinary runners kit was composed by specific elements, such as:

  • A pair of short pants – really short! They aimed at giving to you the sensation of flying;
  • Notepad and pencil for loggings your miles;
  • A Walkman with no more than one tape to play some music on your way;
  • Trusty stopwatch to record your race duration;
  • Fluorescent windbreaker to protect yourself in post-run.

These days’ runners don’ t know the joy of not having Google Maps to plan their miles and rewinding their tape to listen to music while running!

Why has running become such a trend?

“You can run on your own, with your friends, in a running club, after work…

Every big city is becoming more and more runner-friendly…

Your talent, gender, past experience, age and physical appearance could influence your speed, but that does not really matter as each individual has his or her own target goals and can build on them…”

Have a look to this post in The Daily News:

Next time you will go to run, forget technology and try to enjoy with the awesome trends of the 80s! No phone, a lot of colours and no advanced technologic devices. Invite your friends to take part to the challenge too!

Here we provide some music tips to make your 80s workout more enjoyable:


Paul McCartney Huge personality in 80s- “Say Say Say”

beatles“In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make,” Paul McCartney.


A Liverpool boy who made it big not only as a member of the Beatles, but through his own solo career, is an uber awesome rockstar, creating and rocking for the last six decades. SIX DECADES! He’s a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and generous humanitarian.


Had you never dream that Paul McCartney knock at the door of your home?

This is a common dream for who loves the Music and the Legend of Beatles.


After the Beatles break-up, he pursued a solo career and has been recognised as one of the most successful composers and performers of all time and in 1997 McCartney was knighted, by Queen Elizabeth II, for his services to music. McCartney has released an extensive catalogue of songs as a solo artist and has composed classical and electronic music.


The 80s decade rejoiced in McCartney’s solo career with an impressive seven albums released in the 1980s alone.


  • McCartney II- Released in 1980, a year before the band’s dissolution and while their future lay in limbo. The album is a significant departure for McCartney, as much of it relies heavily on synthesizers and studio experimentation


  • Tug of War- Released in April 1982. It was McCartney’s first album released after the dissolution of Wings in April 1981, it was a number 1 in numerous countries.


  • Pipes of Peace- Released in 1983.


  • Give My Regards to Broad Street- Released in 1984, the album was commercially successful, in Britain, where it achieved number 1 on the UK chart.


  • Press to Play- Released in August 1986. It was McCartney’s first album of entirely new music.


  • Снова В СССР- also known as The Russian Album, it was released in 1988 exclusively in the Soviet Union, the album consists entirely of covers.


  • Flowers in the Dirt- Released 1989


“I know the Beatles used to say, “We won’t be rock & rollin’ when we’re forty,” but I still love it.” (from 1986 interview with Rolling Stone)

Do you want know more? The Rolling Stone published his interview:


Paul, he’s a giver. In addition to sharing his musical genius, he promotes and donates to international charities related to such subjects as animal rights, seal hunting, land mines, vegetarianism, poverty, and music education.


Check here for the most Glam songs of this period


Absolutely Ace 80s Electric Slide

It’s Electric! Step-by-Step guide to the Electric Slide

The Electric Slide is a 80s Dance compose by easy and fun steps. The perfect tune to play while you’re learning the steps is the song Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths released in 1982, it was written and originally recorded in 1976 with Bob Marley.

Why is it Popular?

In the 80s the Electric Slide is a smooth, dynamic Disco Style Dance that you can enjoy performing at clubs, weddings, and other social events. Learning it is Bombdiggity and takes almost no time at all.

Anyone can do it, with virtually no training at all. The dance steps are easily converted to most genres, add to the Cha Cha Slide , hip hop and country western. Add some boots and hook your thumbs through your belt loops and you have a line dance.  Ever heard of Candy by Cameo ? It’s one of the most popular songs to perform the electric slide. So popular that enthusiasts will ask, “Do you know the Candy?” To which you could say, ‘’the Electric Slide? Yes, let me show you how’s it done.”

How To Electric Slide – Step by Step

Start on the right side

  1. Take one step to your right with your right foot.
  2. Cross your left foot to the right, bringing it behind your right foot.
  3. Uncross your feet by taking another step to the right with your right foot.
  4. Bring your left foot to your right foot and close your feet together.


And repeat the same in the left side

  1. Step back with your right foot, then bring your left foot to meet it.
  2. Step backward onto your right foot, then your left foot in place.
  3. Step forward with your left foot, then your right foot to the back.
  4. Once again step back with your right foot, then your left foot to the front. As you do this, be sure that your weight is on your right foot.

Quarter turn left and repeat

  1. With your right foot, take a step forward. As you do this, turn your body a quarter-turn (or 90 degrees) to the left.
  2. Repeat the entire dance as long as the group keeps going or as long as the music is playing.

For an easy online tutorial click here.

The Electric Slide is well liked because it is a simple and  fun line dance enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s so popular it is still danced today by many.

Try to learn these Flange moves and mix them with your favourite 80s soundtrack.


The “Flash” Star of the 80s

VIPs – the Very Important People… The one who define style, fashion, music trends and in general culture of an era.

We have decided to have a look at 80s VIPs and pick the most “radical” star that contributed to the decade according to Reflex Dance Studios’ taste.

The winner of the Most Radical 80s RDS Trophy is: Madonna!

Unforgettable 80s pop icon, called the “Queen of Pop”, Madonna is the greatest woman in music, as well as the most influential and iconic female recording artist of all times.

Madonna was omnipresent in 80s culture, appearing constantly on TV in many music videos, on the big screen in movies, on cassettes in every home and car, and in concerts.

Madonna may be one of the first pioneers of the messy chic look of the 80s. Her ability was to re-style herself with consistency and creativity. Her wavy hair with highlights became the most wanted look. Girls going to hair salons would ask to have the Madonna’s style hair.

People were completely “Mental”!

Go to your old LP collection and check if have any of her 80s albums like ‘Madonna’ (1983), ‘Like a Virgin’ (1984), ‘True Blue’ (1986), ‘Like a Prayer’ (1989). Have you heard of them before? Which one’s your favourite?

We think Madonna deserves the title as she had a worldwide social-cultural impact through her recordings, attitude, clothing and lifestyle… and her influence is still present to this day.

Typical Slang in the 80s

How could we define 80s slang?

What expressions mark the uniquely 80s way of speaking?

In the 80s, everything was superlative – like “really-totally-Awesome/Ace/Radical and Bitchin”.


We tried to put together a Bangin’ list of 80s slang; most of the below terms are still used today in a regular conversation.


Ace – The best; awesome; terrific.

Amped – Totally pumped or psyched about something.

Bag Your Face! – Whatever! Shut up!

Bangin’ – Cool, or spectacular.

Bean – A term for a marijuana cigarette.

Bitch’n (Bitchin’) – Something very cool

Bombdigity – Something really good.

Boss – Excellent, superior. As in, “That is totally boss”

Bounce – Means to get out of here, leave ” let’s bounce, it’s getting late”.

Boy Toy – A word to describe a cute guy used as a toy for older woman. Madonna promoted this one with her “Boy Toy” belt on her 1984 Like a Virgin album.

Brill – British slang for great or wonderful, brilliant.

Bud – A term for a marijuana cigarette.

Buggin’- When someone is acting out or doing something stupid.

Bulk – Very good.Also used with Mega: “That skirt is mega bulk.”

Bunk – Not cool. Used in place of ‘bullshit’. Ex: “That’s so not fair. It’s bunk!

Chill (Take a Chill Pill) – Basically, it means to cool off when someone gets angry.

Cool Out – Calm down.

Crunchy – Jealous

Crunk – Somthing that is cool or hip. Ex: “This party is gunna be crunk.”

Dag – That sucks!!!

Deadly – Wickedly cool.

Deep Shit – Expression meaning you are in trouble.”We are in deep shit!”

Dexter – Smart.

Dickweed – A dumb person or loser, used for joking around with friends.

Diesel – Cool, awesome, radical, basically something very good.

Down – In agreement. Ex “I am down with going to Burger Chef tonight.”

Eat My Shorts – Phrase used as a comeback. Heavily in use in the 80’s and also used on TV’s ‘The Simpsons’. If someone was to put you down in anyway, you can reply with this phrase.

Fave – Short for “favorite”. A teenage girl’s term.

Fine – Cute or a hottie. Used like, “He is so fine.”

Flange – Something amazing.

Flash – Cool, awesome, “That outfit is so flash”

Fricking – Extremely, comes form the word “fuck” and can be used negatively or positively.

Glam – An object or a person who is glamorous. Either for positive or negative use.

“Dude, that shirt is totally glam!”

Goth/Gothic – Someone who likes the cure skinny puppy & ministry

Happen’en – Very cool; up-to-date or current in style.

Herb – A person seen as a quite un-cool. A nerd.

Hip – Very cool; in style.

Hoser – Loser, jerk.

Icy – Cool, awesome. Ex: “That shirt is icy”.

Jet – I have to leave. “This party sucks so I’m gonna Jet”.

Jock – A person who plays team sports. Athlete.

Juiced – To act crazy or stupid.

Kick Ass – Awesome or excellent.

Mad -An adjective; or sometimes used as a superlative. Ex: ” that party last night was mad cool”

Mental – Adjective used to describe someone or something stupid or screwed up.

Noob – A new person to a game; a loser.

Posse – A group/gang of friends.

Radical – An offshoot of awesome

Scratch – It was something that was said when someone would mess up.

Scumbag – An undesirable person.

Shut Up – Not believable.

Sick – Cool. Ex: “That new skatepark is sick!”

Sike (Psych) – Something you say when someone tries to give you five and you move your hand out of the way.

Sprung – Totally in love, infatuated.”She’s like so Sprung on me, it isn’t funny.”

Stud – A very good looking guy.

Suck/Sucks – When something bad happens, objects, machines or persons etc. who do not perform well or fail. Ex: “this song sucks!” or, “that just sucks!”

‘Sup – Whats going on?

Tard – idiot. (abbreviation of retard). Used jokingly when a friend has said or done something stupid.

Trendie – Someone who mindlessly follows fashion.

Tubular – More than cool

Veg – Term used to describe ‘chilling out’ or taking it easy.

Yar – Similar to “awesome”, it’s used in place of “cool”.

Yello – A very 80’s way of saying hello.

Yikes – Something you should have not done, Ex “Yikes! I left my car door unlocked”.


Now you could create your own 80s slang and use it for speak with your Trendie Posse… Don’t be Noob and Have Fun with this Mental, Kick Ass game!



Are you thirsty for the 80s?

We were curious to find out which cocktail was the most popular in the 80s… After scouring online sources and public opinion, we found a winner: the Orange Whip

This drink had a resurgence after the release of The Blues Brothers – an 80s American musical crime comedy film directed by John Landis.


“Who wants an Orange Whip? Orange Whip? Orange Whip? Three orange whips!”

declares John Candy’s character in the iconic bar scene.

Following its film debut, the cocktail experienced a huge resurgence in popularity and became the latest trend.


Make your own Orange Whip


An Orange Whip is a sweet cocktail, made with rum and vodka, containing the base alcohols mixed with cream and orange juice.


The recipe:

  • 4oz (four parts) orange juice
  • 1oz (one part) rum
  • 1oz (one part) vodka
  • 2oz (two parts) cream

Blend briefly with hand blender. Pour ingredients over ice and stir, when ready, serve in a Collins glass.


Now you can completely fall inside the 80s, and if the Blues Brothers think it’s cool, we can’t argue with that.

Numerology apply in 80s

The study of numerology seems to have its roots with Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician. But, the idea of numbers and their spiritual significance was practiced heavily by our ancient ancestors; they felt the universe, ages or cycles…everything could be broken down into numbers.
Despite the long history of numerological ideas, the word “numerology” is not recorded in English before 1907.
Numerology is any belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events, it is the study of numbers and their incredible effect on our lives; it could be named ‘The Science of Numbers’.
Numerology, some believe, has the power of revealing our potential destiny and our natural talents as well as helping us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and others.
Each number has a different vibration, and can therefore give us a hint of one’s pathway and circumstances.

Aren’t you curios about applying Numerology to the number 1980? We are! So we found the meaning of the figures that compose it.

One primarily deals with strong will, positivity, pure energy. The number One reflects new beginnings.
It represents a single entity. It is considered to be a primordial unity, the beginning, the Creator.
And it represents the unity through cohesion, action and reaction, cause and effect, the interior and

The spiritual meaning of number Nine bring us to the very height of vibrational frequencies in this number sequence. Nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our capability of succeeding in our goals. The spiritual meaning of number Nine deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things.
Nine is composed of the all-powerful 3×3.
The symbol of the world is the triangle with the three points: Heaven, Earth and Hell. Number nine symbolizes the whole that includes three worlds.
Number nine like the last number in the range signifies the beginning and the end, a transition to a new level.

The symbolism backing number Eight deals largely with business, success, and wealth. Also it represents continuation, repetition, and cycles.
Spiritually Eight is the goal. Eight is Infinity.
In the Pythagorean theories, this number is the sign of justice and balance. The Eighth day represents the periodic revival and change.

The spiritual meaning of Zero deals with pure potentiality.
Before the One there is only void, or non-being; thought; the ultimate mystery, the incomprehensible Absolute. Begins with meanings such as, non-existence; nothingness; the ‘un-manifest’; the unlimited; the eternal.
Because the Zero also visually resembles a circle, this is symbolic of eternity, evolution, infinity.
Zero is a powerful number which brings great transformational change, sometimes occurring in a profound manner.
As an ellipse the two sides represent ascent and descent, evolution and involution.

Numbers were sacred and alive, and it is interesting to see that the 8 in horizontal is it the symbol of Infinity!
Maybe it means that the 80s will never die… but this is nothing new to us at Reflex Dance Studios 🙂

Welcome back in the 80s!

The decade of the 1980s tended to consolidate the trend made in the seventies such as disaster movies or buddy movies rather than initiating any new ones.
Designed and packaged for mass audience appeal, few 80s movies became what could be called ‘classics’.
The era was characterized by the introduction of ‘high-concept’ films – with cinematic plots that could be easily characterized by one or two sentences (easily marketable and understandable). Producer Don Simpson has been credited with the creation of the high-concept picture (or modern Hollywood blockbuster), although its roots could be seen in the late 70s.
The 1980s saw the continuous rise of the blockbuster, an increased amount of nudity in film and the increasing emphasis in the American industry on film franchises, especially in the science fiction, horror, and action genres. The reliance on these effect-driven blockbusters was due in part to the Star Wars films at the advent of this decade and the new cinematic effects this saga helped to pioneer.
Also the teen comedy subgenre saw its popularity rise during this decade.

Are you really passionate about 80s movie? You must know all the films in this list:

The Shining (1980)
The Blues Brothers (1980)
The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
The Thing (1982)
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
Scarface (1983)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
Ghostbusters (1984)
Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
The Terminator (1984)
The Karate Kid (1984)
Back to the Future (1985)
The Breakfast Club (1985)
The Goonies (1985)
Aliens (1986)
Blue Velvet (1986)
Hannan and her Sisters (1986)
Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Dirty Dancing (1987)
Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Dirty Dancing (1987)
Fatal Attraction (1987)
Die Hard (1988)
Batman (1989)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

They are a perfect piece of 80’s awesomeness! How many of the above have you seen?

Evolution or Revolution… 80s makeup!

It is well known that the 80s were the time of excess, and make up is one of the fields in which this was hugely expressed.

Earlier on, in the 70s, everything was about the ‘Natural beauty’ look. The hippie movement in the late 60s had been a key player in this trend. The focus was on natural looking makeup, naturally styled hair, and clothing and accessories made from natural materials.

As opposed to 70s chicks, 80s girls literally “painted” their faces on; the two defining makeup elements in 80s face were bold eyes for an unnatural, heavy look and a LOT of blush meant to accentuate the cheek bones.

Women had access to eye shadows, lipstick, eyeliners and blushes in every colour imaginable (the most popular colours were neon pink, orange, red, electric blue, yellow…) and were not afraid to use them.
The colours were actually representative of an era particularly different from the previous ones in terms of expressing oneself and experimenting with fashion, hair & makeup.
The 1980s produced a distinct and powerful look. What we now regard as a fun, exciting and bold makeup was in fact an exaggerated look that manifested itself on the fundament of the economic crisis that was affecting particularly the Western World. The World and the stock market were glamourized.

One of the greatest icons of the 80s excessive style and make up was Cyndi Lauper. Her style was popular for her big, bright hair, mismatched colourful clothing and strong makeup. Take inspiration from her and have a go at doing your own 80s make over.
For this experiment, your make up purse should be contain:

A tube of paste-like cover-up
A bottle of heavy foundation
A pressed-powder compact
Eye shadow (in a rainbow of luscious colours)
A few eyeliner pencils (blue, purple, teal)
A couple of blush compacts
An entire mascara collection
A bunch of bright lipsticks in shades of red, pink and orange.

Let us know about the outcome sending us a picture of your 80s makeup or posting it on Twitter (@reflex_dance) or Instagram (@Reflex Dance Studios).

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