One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard was ‘listen to your body’. Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, party when you’re stressed… What was that? You haven’t heard that last bit before? Well. Let me share some SCIENCE with you.

Disclaimer: not an actual photo of our office today.

Let’s talk about relaxing in general, first. This one should feel obvious after a while of consideration: relax is healthy. Necessary, even. It’s proven to reduce stress, improve your mood, let you sleep better and it even has a positive impact on your memory. Further, if it’s active zen time you’re participating in, that will positively affect your physical health. Additionally, if you chill socially, it will strengthen your relationships on top of everything else! Remember to make a habit out of rewarding yourself for hard work. Jog, take a bubble bath, play sports, read a book or dance with your friends (Definitely dance. HINT HINT).

Disclaimer: this IS an actual photo from our office

Now that that’s clear, let’s look at the implications of acting a fool in a shiny leotard and neon makeup. Have you ever felt pressured to ‘not make a fool of yourself’ at work, at school, in front of distant relatives at the table?

Whatever, I’ll check my phone if I want to, MOM!

There’s a lot of care and stress that goes into making sure we don’t do or say something silly in various situations of our daily lives. You need the time to let go and to be wild and carefree. Especially if you’re suffering a lot of wedding related panic (we know that feeling). Showcasing your silliness to your friends will greatly reduce stress. Also, once you get back in your formal wear, your mood will be much better. Sharing a wild experience with your pals not only deepens bonds. It gives you a confidence boost. After all, if you are appreciated when your filters are off, you are sure to be loved when you’re making a conscious effort about your actions. So grab your friends and get crazy! And if you happen to love the 80s, we’ll gladly organise the most entertaining therapy for you. Take care of yourself by enjoying yourself!

Look at their faces going 90 smiles per hour