It’s Electric! Step-by-Step guide to the Electric Slide

The Electric Slide is a 80s Dance compose by easy and fun steps. The perfect tune to play while you’re learning the steps is the song Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths released in 1982, it was written and originally recorded in 1976 with Bob Marley.

Why is it Popular?

In the 80s the Electric Slide is a smooth, dynamic Disco Style Dance that you can enjoy performing at clubs, weddings, and other social events. Learning it is Bombdiggity and takes almost no time at all.

Anyone can do it, with virtually no training at all. The dance steps are easily converted to most genres, add to the Cha Cha Slide , hip hop and country western. Add some boots and hook your thumbs through your belt loops and you have a line dance.  Ever heard of Candy by Cameo ? It’s one of the most popular songs to perform the electric slide. So popular that enthusiasts will ask, “Do you know the Candy?” To which you could say, ‘’the Electric Slide? Yes, let me show you how’s it done.”

How To Electric Slide – Step by Step

Start on the right side

  1. Take one step to your right with your right foot.
  2. Cross your left foot to the right, bringing it behind your right foot.
  3. Uncross your feet by taking another step to the right with your right foot.
  4. Bring your left foot to your right foot and close your feet together.


And repeat the same in the left side

  1. Step back with your right foot, then bring your left foot to meet it.
  2. Step backward onto your right foot, then your left foot in place.
  3. Step forward with your left foot, then your right foot to the back.
  4. Once again step back with your right foot, then your left foot to the front. As you do this, be sure that your weight is on your right foot.

Quarter turn left and repeat

  1. With your right foot, take a step forward. As you do this, turn your body a quarter-turn (or 90 degrees) to the left.
  2. Repeat the entire dance as long as the group keeps going or as long as the music is playing.

For an easy online tutorial click here.

The Electric Slide is well liked because it is a simple and  fun line dance enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s so popular it is still danced today by many.

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