The 80s was one of the most fun decades but few things have aged more spectacularly than 80s workout video

The exercise was all about pulling on a leotard and some leg warmers and popping in a VHS tape of your favourite workout routine led by your fitness idol. Today, the videos that worked with them are a prehistoric repertoire, but the fitness fanatics are still alive.

The most popular fitness icons









Richard Simmons

He is know for his outlandish outfits and larger life personality that captured the attention of the people around the 80s by sharing his own personal weight loss journey and sparked an aerobics craze in the 90s with his series of ‘Sweatin ‘ to the Oldies’ videos.

Jane Fonda

Her workout was the highest selling home video of the 80s, selling more than a million copies. She realesed 23 workout videos.

Check out this video of one of her workouts:

Kathy Smith

She sold millions of fitness videos on everything from ‘step’ to belly dancing, and has authored several best selling books.

Here is her video with the popular ‘step’.

Jake Steinfeld

“Body by Jake” is one of the fitness industry’s reigning icons and is said to be responsible for creating the personal fitness training industry more than 30 years ago.

Here his hilarious video, about how he ended up on stage with the Village People in the 1980s.

hqdefaultDenise Austin

Has embraced a healthy lifestyle and shared her secrets for success since the 80s, she has sold around 24 millions videos starred in several fitness-related TV shows, most notably the Jack LaLanne Show in 1981.


All these lifestyle coaches are continuing to teach…where do they find all this energy?

The mystery of the 80s power!

Pull on some leg warmers and workout with them!