Because exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

Every year I subscribe to a gym membership, attend only a couple times and waste tons of money without any real progress. Sounds painfully familiar? It is an epidemic in the current age, after all. Why? Because exercising is so much work? Fitness is boring? You would rather do something fun? Well, how about killing two birds with one stone: get your fix of entertainment after a stressful day at work and do something good for your body all at the same time. Yes, it is possible!

80s Aerobics Fashion

Bonus: you’ll look cool, too.

We’ve run a class on ArtNight that finished in hundreds of laughing faces hungry for more. Then we’ve offered a few classes for our previous customers and their friends which garnered an interest from way more people than we expected. Now we’re organising classes in Bank for all those in need of a flashy, high energy workout for your body and face muscles as you laugh uncontrollably. Unleash your inner Olivia Newton-John while getting a free authentic 80s freestyle aerobic workout! All you need is 80s clothes (bring on the lycra) and an unmatched amount of energy!


Art Night class

Having fun is just as important as staying fit after all.

Fusing together the iconic moves will be the super energetic Dancing with the Stars choreographer, Giulia Settomini, who will lead you through a calorie-burning, upbeat journey.  Bring your friends along and follow the grooves through a hilarious routine that has already beaten a number of bored minds, sad grimaces, sleepy muscles and even ripped a pair of trousers!

Take a look at this short time lapse video filmed by a keen participant!

80s-robics is appropriate for any and all fitness levels, everybody is welcome to give it a try.

Regular classes will start in January and will run twice a week.


1 class – £10

Bundle of 5 classes – £40

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